Splitsville Goss From The Corridors of Power

In India scandals of the elite denizens from the country’s Power-Bloc is rarely written about. It seems like an unsaid norm. Yes there has been rare occasions like when Narayan Dutt Tiwari, the old Congress horse was entertaining women in the Raj Bhavan during his Governorship days and the challenge put forth by his love-child for a DNA Test to prove his paternity.

Then few months back came the news about a young Chief Minister’s separation with his wife of 17 years. What Delhi is gossiping about them now is the unthinkable amount that was paid as a settlement deal. Hold your breath…the settlement was arrived at a unheard of amounts…Rupees 100 Crores.  Wow madam’s life is set! Waddya say???

However the news that’s most spicy is about the country’s Top Family. Most know of this bit of news but dare not speak. Anyway I am taking the risk and spilling the beans. Last heard the son-in-law of Family No.1 has moved out and living separately. Sad, the wifey is such a gem of a person.

4 Replies to “Splitsville Goss From The Corridors of Power”

  1. McGaga says:

    How do you suppose anyone unfamiliar with the Indian pols would know who are the dramatis personae of these stories ? Is it prohibited in India to name the person who had separated from his wife ?

  2. KB says:

    robert vadra is separated from Priyanka Gandhi – duh !

  3. Rahul says:

    Now her majesty is enjoying some real tigers in ranthambore.

  4. john smith says:

    is it that omar abdullah guy ?

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